Earth Sciences Pakistan (ESP)

Aims & Scope

The journal is highly inter-disciplinary and publishes scholarly research – new data, ideas, and conceptual advances – in Earth Science. The focus is on the evolution of the Earth as a system: manuscripts describing changes of anthropogenic origin in a limited region are not considered unless they go beyond describing the changes to include an analysis of earth-system processes. The journal’s scope includes the solid earth (geosphere), the atmosphere, the hydrosphere (including cryosphere), and the biosphere; it also addresses related aspects of planetary and space sciences. Contributions pertaining to the Indian sub- continent and the surrounding Indian-Ocean region are particularly welcome. Given that a large number of manuscripts report either observations or model results for a limited domain, manuscripts intended for publication in ESP are expected to fulfill at least one of the following three criteria.

    • The data should be of relevance and should be of statistically significant size and from a region from where such data are sparse. If the data are from a well-sampled region, the data size should be considerable and advance our knowledge of the region.

    • A model study is carried out to explain observations reported either in the same manuscript or in the literature.

    • The analysis, whether of data or with models, is novel and the inferences advance the current knowledge.
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Final Decision

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