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Site investigation of open dumping site of Municipal Solid Waste in Faisalabad

December 15, 2017 Posted by Nurul In Earth Sciences Pakistan (ESP)



Site investigation of open dumping site of Municipal Solid Waste in Faisalabad

Journal: Earth Sciences Pakistan (ESP)
Author: Hafsa Yasin and Muhammad Usman

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Doi: 10.26480/esp.01.2017.23.25

Inappropriately solid waste handling and disposing are promoting environmental problems in Pakistan. Deteriorating environmental quality is a serious consequence of open dumping site and is rapidly increasing concern for public. To investigate, the causes Muhammada Wala dumping site was chosen. There is a tremendous amount of solid waste generating and dumped without any precautionary measures. Due to development of industries and urban areas the condition is going to be harsh. The aim of this study is the site investigation of the dumping site and its consequences on environment. Water samples were collected near the site, analyzed in the laboratory and interviews were taken. Significant high TDS was observed in ground water. Communicable diseases and unhygienic environment were revealed from this research. The main collapses of municipal solid waste systems are unplanned management of the city, intense climatic conditions, absence of awareness of users and community participation, inadequate resources including machinery and lack of funds.

Pages 23-25
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1